Case Studies

Case Study: 
Nursing-Care Facility in New York gains double-digit productivity after computerizing the nurses’ schedule

Park Gardens Rehabilitation & Nursing Center, a Bronx based nursing care facility, has been tracking its nurses’ schedule for the past 30 years….by hand! Every 4 weeks, the nursing supervisor would mark an X in boxes on a pre-printed 28 day chart, displaying the day in  which every nurse would work. This was done on a Master schedule and had to be repeated for each employment category (nurses and nurse’s aides) and for each shift (multiply the work by 3). The supervisor would then transfer all this information onto 28 separate Daily Schedules! Every time there was a change in the Master schedule, X’s had to be added and/or erased and the Daily Schedule updated. Four weeks later, the same routine was repeated. This method was very tedious, time-consuming and sometimes inaccurate.

Here’s what the hand written nurses’ schedule looked like.

For A Larger View Of The Charts Please Click Here For A PDF View

Employee productivity was low. No wonder then that management was seeking a better solution. And so, they contacted PCS to develop a computerized schedule.

PCS got to work, first by analyzing all of Park Garden’s needs. Then, a systematic computerized approach was developed. Daily Schedules no longer have to be written manually. All data from the Master Schedule automatically populates the Daily Schedules. Schedule Changes are a breeze. The screen shots below show a schedule using the newly developed Scheduler System custom developed by PCS.

Entering a schedule on a screen using the Scheduler System.

The schedule as it prints from the Scheduler System.

The following chart shows how productivity jumped 43 percentage points for the nursing supervisor after Scheduler was deployed.

If your organization has symptoms of low productivity due to an improper data structure, for example, if your staff relies on manual entry instead of tracking information on a computer, then you should contact us to discuss a solution. We will locate the weak links in your organization and provide you with an assessment on how to improve these links to increase your productivity and data-integrity.

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